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Terms & Conditions

Version - 9/17

Lessons must to be paid for when they are booked. The slot is not confirmed until DrumWise has received the payment. Once a regular weekly lesson slot has been agreed, the next week’s lesson may be booked verbally with the student. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/carer to inform us with the relevant notice if the lesson isn't required for any reason. If the next booked lesson is missed the payment for the booked lesson will be kept by DrumWise.

Cancellation for any reason with less than 48 hours notice will result in the full lesson fee being charged.

Priority booking is given to students who have the same lesson slot every week. Students who have been offered and have agreed to priority booking will be booked in for 4 weeks at a time and need to inform DrumWise with as much notice as possible but with at least 48 hours notice when they are unable to attend a slot. Failure to do this will result in the lesson fee being retained. If a student regularly starts to miss or cancel lessons, they will lose their booking priority and the slot may be given to another student. DrumWise reserves the right to change lesson times/days with appropriate notice when necessary.

Some students do not have the same lesson slot every week so please make sure you book your lesson and remember your time. It is the student’s or their parent’s/guardian’s/carer’s responsibility to arrive on time to the booked lesson.

If a lesson is missed for any reason (e.g due to a holiday or cancellation) it is up to the student or parent/guardian/carer of the student to contact DrumWise and arrange the next lesson. Payments are only valid for 6 months from the date of payment, after which they may not be used towards a lesson.

No extra time will be given at the end of a lesson for any reason (such as students arriving late). During the DrumWise Studio’s opening hours, students arriving early may wait in the waiting area before their lesson. If the shutter is down or the door is locked, please wait until your lesson start time before attempting to contact DrumWise.

Students may wait to be collected in the waiting area after their lesson has finished provided it is within the Studio’s opening hours. Any late collection over 15 minutes will be chargeable at our usual lesson rate. DrumWise is not responsible for students outside of their booked lesson times. It is the parent’s/guardian’s/carer’s responsibility to make sure that they collect their child on time. Please note, it is sometimes necessary to leave students unattended in the studio or waiting area for short periods. Please let your teacher know if your child can’t be left unattended for any period.

Any careless damage (not normal wear and tear) to any of DrumWise’s property is chargeable to the person causing the damage. DrumWise is not responsible for any loss of personal items while on the premises. Lessons may be ended early, with the full lesson fee still being retained if the student is thought to be abusing or mistreating DrumWise property or equipment.

Vehicles & contents are left on our property at the owner's risk and DrumWise is not responsible for any damage or loss, although CCTV is in operation at all times on the DrumWise premises.

Sometimes it is necessary to film students, either as part of a performance or to help monitor progress. By signing these terms you agree to this.

If you choose to unsubscribe from our email or text reminders, you still agree to these terms and conditions when booking a lesson, and it is your responsibility to remember your lesson slot.

By taking lessons with DrumWise, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions and any subsequent changes that may be made. The most up to date copy of these terms and conditions is available to view on the DrumWise website for your reference. You will be notified when booking a lesson of any changes to these terms. If you would like a copy emailed or posted to you then please let us know.

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