School Lessons | Terms & Conditions

School Lessons | Terms & Conditions

Version - 09/17


If there is a shortfall in the number of lessons given due to teacher absence or start date of lessons, the remaining lessons will be carried over to the following term. If this is not feasible, a refund will be given for the missed lesson(s). 

If lessons start mid-term then students may receive double lessons to put them in line with the start of term.

If the DrumWise teacher attends the school and cannot start or carry out the full lesson due to a fault of the school (e.g. not being able to access the school or drum room, fire drill, lack of equipment, exams etc. the lesson will still be charged for. Equally, if there is a room change on the day of lessons, it is up to the student to speak to a member of music staff to find out where the lessons are being held.

Students should speak to their head of music or music teacher if they have any queries about when and where the lessons are being held.

If a student misses a lesson due to a school trip, exam, school work or a similar reason, DrumWise will not refund the lesson fee. DrumWise does not send reminders to students about their lessons times.

If lessons are booked on a day when the school closes due adverse weather conditions, heating/power failure or similar, the lessons will still be charged for. If the DrumWise teacher cannot attend because of adverse weather conditions then the lessons will be made up.

If there is an inset/development day on the same day that lessons are due to take place, we recommend that the student or the parent inform the DrumWise teacher directly. In the event that DrumWise has not been informed by either the student or the head of music and arrives as normal to give lessons when the school is closed, lessons will be charged for as normal. 

*(With regards to points 2-7, DrumWise recommends you seek reimbursement from the school).

Students will normally need to leave their school lesson to attend the drum lesson. Depending on the school’s system, teachers should be made aware of this beforehand and excuse students to attend their drum lesson. It is not the responsibility of DrumWise to inform the school or the school teachers about drum lessons. There may be a rota system in place that enables students to vary which lesson is missed each week. The rota will be displayed on the music department notice board for students to check their drum lesson times. Lessons days and times are subject to change. You will be informed of any changes in advance.

If a student decides/needs to leave their drum lesson before the end for any reason, even if the lessons are running late, the remaining lesson time will not be made up.

No lessons will be given unless full payment has been received. Please make sure that DrumWise has received funds that are cleared in time for the first lesson – do not send the student to their lesson with payment.

Fees are reviewed each term and so may change from one term to another. Students and parents/guardians will be informed of any changes in advance.

We recommend that students wear ear protection at all times during lessons and students that do not comply do so at their own risk. Ear plugs are available to buy from DrumWise on request.

In the unlikely event that the regular teacher cannot attend it may be necessary to substitute with another DrumWise teacher.

Shared Lessons - If your preferred lesson partner does not apply for lessons at a similar time or at all, you will be put with another student who is in the same position. Alternatively you will be given, half the amount of time stated overleaf individually until a suitable lesson partner can be found. 

Taster Lessons - These lessons are for new students only and will consist of 5 lessons over consecutive weeks. Once the student has completed these 5 lessons they will have to choose another lesson option to continue. No refunds will be given under any circumstances with this lesson option.

If you do not wish lessons to continue after the prepaid time please inform DrumWise with a term’s notice (or 5 weeks) otherwise a cancellation fee of £60 will be payable and an invoice will be sent.

By taking lessons with DrumWise, you agree to these terms and conditions any subsequent changes that may be made. The most up to date copy of these terms and conditions is available to view on the DrumWise website for your reference. If you would like a copy emailed or posted to you then please let us know.

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