School Funded Lessons | Terms & Conditions

School Funded Lessons | Terms & Conditions

Version - 12/17

  1. DrumWise aims to deliver 10 lessons over a term (or 5 lessons per term) unless otherwise agreed. As school terms vary in length this can affect the number of lessons given. If there is a shortfall in the number of lessons due to teacher absence, the lesson(s) will be carried over to the following term. If this is not feasible, a refund will be given for the missed lesson(s).
  2. If the DrumWise teacher attends the school and cannot start or complete the lesson due to a fault of the school (for example, being unable to access the school or drum room, fire drill, lack of equipment, exams etc.) the lesson fee will still be charged. 
  3. If the pupil misses a lesson for any reason, no refund will be given. If the teacher is running late and the student(s) do not wait for the teacher to arrive, the lesson fee will still be charged. DrumWise will inform the school if the teacher is unable to attend.
  4. The DrumWise teacher can only stay at the school for the pre-booked length of time. No extra time will be given for any reason other than due to a fault of the teacher and this will be at DrumWise’s discretion. 
  5. If there is an inset/development day on the same day that lessons are due to take place, we recommend that the school informs the DrumWise teacher directly. In the unlikely event that DrumWise has not been informed by either the school, the student or the head of music and arrives to give lessons when the school is closed or students are absent, lessons will be charged as normal. DrumWise requires one week’s notice of any timetable changes.
  6. If lessons are booked on a day when the school closes due to adverse weather conditions, heating/power failure or similar, the lesson fee will still apply. If the DrumWise teacher cannot attend because of adverse weather conditions then the lessons will be carried forward.
  7. DrumWise may need to change the lesson time or day but we will give the school 2 weeks notice.
  8. When the agreement is for the school to pay DrumWise directly, it is the responsibility of the school to obtain the payment from the student according to their agreement if necessary.
  9. In the unlikely event that the regular teacher cannot attend the scheduled lesson(s) it may be necessary to substitute with another DBS checked DrumWise teacher.
  10. Students may need to leave school classes to attend DrumWise lessons. Depending on the school’s system, teachers should be made aware of this in advance so they may excuse the student to attend their drum lesson. There will usually be a rota system in place that enables the student to vary which lesson is missed each week. The rota will be displayed on the noticeboard in the music department for students to check their drum lesson times.
  11. If necessary, DrumWise will keep a register of students’ attendance and inform the appropriate member of staff of any poor attendance. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure pupils attend their lessons regularly and on time.
  12. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that the allocated room for drum lessons is tidy and all necessary equipment is present and set up. Any delay in lessons due to lack of equipment is the responsibility of the school and will not be made up.
  13. Lessons are charged per term and are payable at the beginning of the term before lessons commence. No lessons will be given unless full payment has been received. Fees are reviewed each term and may change.
  14. A full term’s notice (or 10 weeks) is required for any change to the length of time DrumWise is required at the school or for any cancellation, which excludes the summer holidays. If you do not wish lessons to continue after the prepaid time please inform DrumWise with the required notice. Without the required notice, the school will still be required to pay for the initially agreed (invoiced) amount of time for the whole term, without tuition taking place.
  15. Lessons are to be paid for in advance and will be invoiced for before they start. Invoices must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. Payments after this time will incur a late payment fee of 15% which will be invoiced separately.
  16. We recommend that students wear ear protection at all times during lessons and students that do not comply do so at their own risk. Ear plugs are available to buy from DrumWise on request.
  17. Any equipment owned by DrumWise is for DrumWise lesson use only and should not be used without the supervision of a DrumWise teacher. DrumWise reserves the right to access this equipment during reasonable school opening hours. Any damage to or theft of equipment that has been left at the school is the responsibility of the school and the school will be liable for any replacement costs incurred. DrumWise is not responsible for any injury obtained when using it’s equipment.
  18. By agreeing to DrumWise teaching at school, you confirm your acceptance of these terms and any subsequent changes that may be made. The most up to date copy of these terms and conditions is available to view on the DrumWise website for your reference. If you would like a copy emailed or posted to you then please let us know.


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